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What started as a group of Muslim conducting Jummah in someone’s garage as a temporary solution became what we know today Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley AKA Masjid Quba. In 1983, a derelict Catholic Church on Walnut Drive was put up for sale. The structure was on the market for the modest sum of $125,000. Within weeks the funds were raised and then paid the full amount within months.
Shortly after the chicken/egg farm and the grass fields were also purchased. A lot of hard work required in renovating the buildings and the field into the parking lot. Subhanallah the community has come a long way. As we were organizing the office and going through some paper work for the new construction project we came across some slides of the old building pictures. Subhanallah we attend the Masjid and may not be aware of the history and how it became the Masjid we see and attend today. There was one thing to do, that was to share the pictures with the community. May be next time we see some of the elders they may able to elaborate and share their experience and it may motivate us all to take part and participate in our new construction project and in improving the Masjid for the benefit of the community.

With the full trust and Tawakul in Allah, with the hard work of the volunteers and generous donation of the community (financially, physically and time) Masjid Quba was established. There were significant changes in renovation the buildings. Surprisingly the “Multi purpose hall” as we know it today was seems to be used as an activity room (specifically Ping-pong room). May be we should challange the elders to a game for the old time sake and since it seems they had a lot of practice.

Through out the years Alhamdulillah the community has worked hard to improve Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley’s facility, activities and services to accommodate the community and member growth. We hope inshallah to work on the new construction plan to improve. We hope with full trust in Allah and Tawakulillah to work hard and achieve our goals for only Allah’s pleasure.

2019 ICSGV Shoora

Aziz Elattar
Kal Radwan
Abdul-Sattar Siddiq
Mouayyed Abulashin
Salah Qasqas
Diaa Yassin
Executive member
Mohammad Khalid
Executive member


Muhammad Asad
Administration Office