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Clinic – Every Friday Free Clinic from 9:00

Mental Health in the Muslim Communities Seminar

Sheikh Said Seddouk, the Religious Director of the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley and selective CA registered psychotherapist do workshops and seminars related to mental health in the Muslim communities. If your organization and/or school is looking for ways to educate the community via workshops and seminars about pertinent issues concerning strengthening relationships, and child, family, or elderly abuse education; please contact ICSGV via email administration@icsgv.com; for more information.

Blood Drive

Thank you one and all for making our first ICSGV Winter Blood Drive a great success! We had 59 donors and 6 wonderful volunteers. We appreciate your efforts. For feedback/suggestion, email administration@icsgv.com , or call (626) 964-5396.

Health Committee Report

The health committee of the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley (ICSGV) is committed to the health and well being of our community. Under the auspices of the Islamic Center, the health committee operates a medical clinic, aka Crescent Medical Clinic, which is open every Sunday during the Islamic School calendar year from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. All patients, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, citizenship, or membership in the Islamic Center are seen free of charge. Limited prescription medications are also provided to those who cannot afford to buy them. Patients needing more care than that can be provided in an outpatient setting are referred to appropriate hospitals or agencies that can help them.

The clinic on an average sees about 30 to 40 patients per month. Most patients seen are for common problems such as colds & flu, blood pressure, diabetes and age related diseases. Complicated illnesses of internal organs such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, etc. and cancer are diagnosed and referred to appropriate specialists. Information on disease prevention is provided, healthy habits are taught & encouraged and vaccinations are made available free of charge to the needy in the spirit of keeping the community healthy.

The health committee in cooperation with the women’s committee periodically conducts health & nutrition seminars where specialist guest speakers provide latest information on nutrition, health and well being. The committee also conducts annual health fair to screen community members for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, osteoporosis and arthritis. Tests are conducted on the premises of the Islamic Center and the results are reviewed with the patients and appropriate advice is provided for follow-up care if needed.

The current facilities are grossly inadequate and the committee is looking forward to moving into the new building that is being built. The health committee is working with the building committee to provide our community a well equipped medical & dental clinic able to help our greater community with more services not only on Sundays but on week days too.

In preparation for the launch of this new facility, the health committee will be conducting a series of meetings with health professionals to collect ideas, improve organization, seek volunteers and help finance the construction. If you are a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, medical or dental assistant or have experience in health administration, please contact me to attend these planning meetings and help our Medical and Dental Clinic.

Let us all thank Allah for giving us the guidance to work for His cause, heal the sick and provide to the needy.


09:00 AM – 12:00 PM Friday

Free Medical Services: The volunteer Dr. comes on Sundays (during the school year) to help the community with their medical needs. (More detail coming soon)

Mental Health:

Free Psychological and Psychiatric Services: including individual counseling, group counseling, and behavioral
assessment in the fields of family, child, marriage from Monday through Sunday (except Tuesday and Thursday). For more details about this, or to
make an appointment, contact ICSGV at administration@icsgv.com