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Qur’an Institute

An excellent program for children of all ages teaching hem proper tajweed of the Qu’ran. Like no other book, the Quran has survived and remained unchanged for more than 1400 years now, and it will remain unchanged until the end of time. We are extremely grateful that we are given glad tidings and good news that Allah Almighty took upon Himself the preservation of the Noble Quran.

With the grace of Allah Almighty and the great efforts of our scholars,

the Noble Quran was handed down from generation to generation until it reached us. Now it is our turn and our obligation to pass it down to the next generation.

The Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley is working on fulfilling this great mission by offering a program to educate our community.

The Qur’an Institute has established Quran and Arabic programs for all ages and all levels that are offered six days a week throughout the year.

The Quran classes include laying the foundation, by learning the rules of tajweed; focusing on the pronunciation of each letter of the Arabic Alphabet by studying the Makharij (points of articulation), as well as the characteristics of each letter, for the purpose of reciting the Quran the correct way and not confusing the letters, nor adding an extra vowel or omitting it. The Arabic language is very sophisticated; any slight change to any letter may change the words of Allah Almighty. The Arabic language is essential for all Muslims to understand the Noble Quran and the Sunnah. We are using text books that are highly credible and taught in the USA as well as in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

We are committed to providing quality academic education.

We pray that Allah سبحانه و تعالى help us and guide us all in our mission and forgive us for any mistakes that we may make.

Oh Allah, honor us to serve this religion and help us be worthy of that honor.

Qur’an Institute

The Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley is offering a variety of programs to educate our community. These classes are catered to all levels and all ages.

The Qur’an Institute has established classes for Quran recitation and memorization, Tafseer, and Arabic Language that are offered six days a week throughout the year.

. Quran recitation and memorization classes include learning the rules of Tajweed, and focusing on the pronunciation of each letter of the Arabic Alphabet by studying the Makharij, as well as the characteristics of each letter.
. Tafseer classes include the teachings of the message of the Quran to benefit from these lessons and apply it in our daily lives.
. Arabic classes include teaching the language of the Quran by using text books and work books that are highly credible. These books are taught in institutes in the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Class Schedule

(please note that we have ongoing enrollment in all our classes)

Weekend Islamic School

10:00-11:00 Beginner Arabic Language (for non-readers) by Br. Ozair Mohamedy

10:00-11:00 Arabic Language Level 1

11:00-12:00 Arabic Language Level 2

12:00 -01:00 Quran Recitation

Qur’an Institute

Classes are taught by several teachers lead by the Academy’s instructor  and teachers Qari Abdurrahman Mohammed, Sister Sumayya Mohammed, Sister Maymoonah Mohammed

Religious Director Class

99 Names of Allah
Sheikh Said Seddouk
Every Mondays & Tuesdays
7:45PM till Isha Prayer
In Main Prayer Hall
Continued with
Sheikh Said Seddouk
Every Thursday Tafsir Class
7:45PM till Isha Prayer